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Are You Ready to Date? How is it that some people start dating at such a young age, and others are so much older before they begin to have dates? Both teen-agers and their parents often wonder what the best age to begin dating is. The question looms even more nowadays because so many young people start their dating so early in life. Should parents be concerned? Is there really a special age at which dating should begin?


The Purdue Opinion Panel Poll of high school students reported in 1957 that 31 per cent of the boys and 40 per cent of the girls started to date before they were fourteen years old. This means that a good many teen-agers begin to date before they get into high school. It also confirms the observation that girls, in general, tend to mature earlier and start dating earlier than boys, age for age. But still another finding of the Purdue Poll of tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade high school students is that one out of eight teen-agers doesn’t date at all! How come that some young people start having dates even before they’re in high school, and others have no dating experience whatsoever during their teens? What do teen-agers themselves have to say on this subject?

Dating is one of the most exciting periods of your life. Suddenly, there are new horizons before you, friendships flower, your personality blooms, and your sense of being a desirable person worthy of affection becomes real. This is a time of great exhilaration, splendor, and discovery. To live it fully is to enjoy one of life’s most delightful experiences.
To miss out on dating is a shame and a waste, especially when there is still time to do something about it. Dating is an art, and like all arts it must be cultivated to give results. Approach it with honesty, enthusiasm, energy, and it begins to take form. And soon you have answers to the questions that were worrying you. Long before you actually start dating, you dream about it. Wistfully, you see other fellows and girls out together on dates, laughing, talking, going places, and having a seemingly effortless, wonderful time. Before you ever get a date, you see yourself as the gallant hero or the glamorous heroine of a romantic situation.
You imagine all the right words and actions so easily, so vividly, that you can hardly wait to start dating. Yet, somewhere inside you anticipate the awkward moments when you will stand tongue-tied and clumsy before some very special person, finding that dating is anything but wonderful. You swing between eagerness and anxiety, impatient to try your wings at one moment, and afraid of a take-off in the next.
 When you consider the nature of dating, this emotional see-sawing is quite understandable. For dating fun is different from the fun a boy has playing ball with the fellows or the joy a girl knows confiding in her closest chum. In dating you are involved with persons of the other sex. You are learning about these other special people. And in the process you are also discovering a great deal about yourself. You are on the threshold of a new kind of experience that is grown-up, romantic, and full of promise for your life ahead as a full-fledged adult.  

Teens need to learn many things while traveling through the life stage of adolescence, including many things about teen friendships and dating. While there are lots of wisdom you will want to impart to your teenager of the years, here is how to help your teen learn about dating using these five truths.  FiveTruths about Your Teen and Dating
Probably you are wondering when you can start participating in this new exciting experience. For some of you the answer will be easy. If you belong to a closely knit group that does everything together, having dates within that circle of familiar friends will come naturally and simply. But for the majority of young people the answer is not so easy.
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Everyone warns us about the terrible two’s, but a toddler does not match the strife caused once children hit the terrible teens. Your precious children change from idolizing your every move to leaving you in the dust. Everything is suddenly about them - their friends, their phone, their facebook. Parents respond by preaching nagging and threatening, often causing teens to feel less respected and become insolent or withdrawn. It is a never ending cycle. Though it is impossible to avoid the tug of war, you can make the days smoother with communication.

The adolescent years are naturally a time of conflict for parents and teenagers. It’s when kids grow into a distinct person. Teens naturally start pulling away, so they can make decisions independent of the mold their parents expect. What is a time of self-discovery for the teen can be a nightmare for parents. During these important formative years, parents want make sure their kids maintain the values they worked hard to instill. Teenagers naturally resist and argue in an attempt to assert their forming beliefs. The bumpy interaction between parents and teenagers often creates a time of confusion in the family. This report gives concrete tips for parenting your teen. But, first let’s start by understanding the mind of a teenager.



Teens have a lot of issues to deal with that seem trivial to adults, but are earth shattering events for them. Remember acne, voice changes, physical development? Your high spirited child may suddenly be moody for no apparent reason. At times, they don’t even understand why. All of these changes are not just physical but hormonal. There are emotional ups and downs that are unavoidable. Talk to them about these changes and let them know you empathize. Teens sometimes have a hard time realizing the world is not dishing out a personal attack. Let them know you understand Confide an appropriate story about your teen years, so they know you have been there, understand their angst and are there for them. Studies show teens with a closer bond with their parents have an overall more positive attitude.