Shyness with members of the other sex is common among young people. You are not alone in this problem. Getting over self-consciousness to the point where you can relax and be friendly with those you most admire is a challenge. The more thrilled you are in the presence of the other person, the more likely you are to be embarrassed, it seems. But, with experience you gradually become more comfortable with the opposite sex. Then, as you develop poise and self-confidence, you discover and put into practice more and more on the art of dating. How to develop that poise and confidence is the question.

Since girls grow up sooner, and are ready for dates before boys of their age and grade generally are, a particular problem for a teenage girl is how to get a bashful boy to notice her. This is why girls’ clubs so often center around planning boy-girl activities. Many a shy boy has come out of himself at a well-planned party. With encouragement, he finds that he can carry on a conversation and have fun in a mixed group.




Soon he, too, is ready for dates, usually first with the girl who was friendly and approachable while he was getting up his courage to ask her.


A fellow needs to be reasonably sure a girl wants to go out with him before he asks her. So it’s a girl’s responsibility to let a boy know that she is interested in him, without behaving so boldly that she scares him off.

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